Thursday, 28 January 2010


So, the winds of change are blowing (hard) around these parts. After much delibration and consultation I have decided to change up a little with the podcasts - They are going to be shorter, more varied (I aim to do 'specials', such as, say, hip-hop or disco-only specials, as well as my usual anything-goes approach), and, best of all, more frequent.

Keep em peeled - Not quite sure what's coming next, but it's coming soon.
Black Plastic!!!!!

Hey kids! Stuck for something to do this weekend?

WHY NOT COME TO BLACK PLASTIC? where you will find those wonderful DJ ladies Jo Cliche and Suicide Ally spinning the best post-punk/electro/new-romantic/indie pop that money can buy, and also one DJ Dellamorte jumping about on the dancefloor like a fool.

You could also buy me a pint.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Just a little DiscoelectrodreamwavefrenchhouseEBMpop mix

Here's a cheeky little mix I threw together the over night for fun, under the pretence of 'working'. A journey through electropop, disco, french house, dreamwave, punk funk and so on - nothing too 'clubby', just nice and blissed out for the most part.