Friday, 25 December 2009

Happy Xmas!

Yes, it's Christmas day morning and I am sitting here wearing the Christmas jumper from my Mum (along with the trousers, shirt and scarf I also got, which match rather nicely - thanks Mum!!). Going to go join the rest of Codex Machine for some festive fun in a bit but I thought I should just say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has been following this (admittedly rather infrequent) blog and podcast series in the last few months. It was a rather difficult 2009 in a lot of ways, but I'm pleased to say that 2010 looks to be so much better.

(oh yes, we finished the Codex Machine album too! more on that soon)

Peace and Love, and see you very very shortly,


Saturday, 19 December 2009


OK guys, it's here...

Episode 4 is ready to go! here is the link, and below is the tracklisting!

This time we've got a generous selection of nu-disco, dreamwave, dubstep, indie, techno, electro house, rave, breakbeat, dancehall, reggae, hip-hop, trip-hop and possibly even a bit of dub for your listening pleasure! Enjoy!

1. Ladyhawke - Magic (Classixx Mix)
2. Futurecop - Class of 1984 (Anoraak Mix)
3. Little Boots - Meddle (Joker Mix)
4. My Tiger My Timing - I am The Sound
5. Bot'Ox - Grand Central
6. Wendy Carlos - Clockwork Orange Theme (Cougarettes Mix)
7. The Gossip - Heavy Cross
8. Empire Of The Sun - Standing On The Shore (Cassian Mix)
9. Fake Blood - Mars (Boy 8-Bit Mix)
10. Christopher Maitland - Power Train (Toby Emerson Mix)
11. Autokratz - Stay The Same (Rogue Element Mix)
12. The Count & Sinden - Elephant 1234
13. Quet KCR ft Total Sound - New Experience (Marius Mix)
14. The Streets - Blinded By The Light (Nero Mix)
15. Randy Twigg - Assassin (Kidz On Acid Instrumental)
16. Plump DJs - My Hi-Tops
17. Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer (Rico Tubbs Mix)
18. Invasion - Spells Of Deception (Boy 8-bit mix)
19. Daft Punk - Digital Love (Algeronics Mix)
20. Diverted - Big Baby Fear (Club Mix)
21. Mike Mago - Woah (Malente Mix)
22. Filewile - Number One Kid (Mercury Mix)
23. Bonjay - Gimme Gimme
24. One Blood - Be Thankful For What You Got (12" mix)
25. Das EFX - Mic Cheka
26. Santogold - Say Aha (Mowgli Mix)
27. Bassador - Think Again
28. Mikey Dread - Technical Selection

Friday, 18 December 2009

Put the needles on the record

Boy 8-Bit - Baltic Pine from bang on on Vimeo.

Episode 4 of DDD is coming up VERY soon, but in the meantime, looks like one of my very favourite tunes of 2009 is getting a full release, along with a spanking new video. if you've not heard it before, enjoy Baltic Pine by Boy 8-Bit!!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Part 3 is here!

Hello Friends!

Yes, I finally got around to posting Epsiode 3 of Disco Dichtomy! Continuing in much the same vein as the last couple of episodes but with added rudeboy action in the shape of some storming dubstep and drum & bass tunes in amongst the disco, hip-hop, electro, breakbeat, techno, house, pop, funk and indie action.

I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to this one half as much as I did putting it together. For serious.

Get it here , and the tracklisting is as follows -

1.Cormega – Make It Clear
2.Mando Diao – Dance With Somebody (Hood Internet Remix)
3.Special Ed – Neva Go Back
4.Kenna – Say Goodbye To Love (Remix with Lupe Fiasco)
5.La Roux – Quicksand (Mad Decent Mix 1)
6.Mariana & The Diamonds – Mowgli's Road (Russ Chimes Mix)
7.Elsiane – Vaporous (PUBLIC Mix)
8.Dr Dre – Forgot About Dre (Ghosryda Mix)
9.Juiceboxxx – 100mph (AC Slater mix)
10.Talen – The Vibes [A Sizzla Tale]
11.Bionic Commando Theme (Clipz Mix)
12.Breakzhead – No Pain No Gain VIP
13.Armand Van Helden & Dizzee Rascal– Bonkers (Doorly Mix)
14.Boys Noize – Starter
15.Kill The Noise – Hey You (Le Castle Vania Mix)
16.Boys Noize – Oh (A-Trak Mix)
17.Retro Kidz – New Era (Kill The Noise mix)
18.The Gossip – Love Long Distance (Fake Blood Mix)
19.Bassjack & Apster – Klambu
20.Chaka Khan – I Feel For You (Calvertron Mix)
21.Cicada – One Beat Away
22.Infusion – Try It On
23.Vitalic – Poison Eyes
24.French Horn Rebellion Vs Database – Beaches & Friends (Hey Champ Mix)
25.James Brown – Rapp Payback
26.De La Soul – Eye Know (The Know-It-All Mix)
27.Tassho Pearce – Are You Hi? (Introducing The Spacifics)
28.Statik Selektah – Big Dreams (Lowdown Mix)
29.Passion Pit – Moth's Wings

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Disco Dichotomy Podcast Part 2

Well, here's installment number two! Rather predictably I've been slightly late on this one but monthly is better than no podcast at all, right? Right.

Here is the link to download the beast - Unfortunately I've misplaced the tracklisting - If I find it I will upload but in the mean time, hey! I introduce the tracks anyway! Why not enjoy my mellifluous voice and the music and be entertained? Frankly you deserve not to have to read at the same time. speaking of which - go download. Stop reading. Move along!

(see you shortly with more musical treats innit)

Friday, 25 September 2009

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runnerbean

Hello The Lovely Internet!

Your intrepid musical explorer Dellamorte wishes to inform you that he is over halfway through the second installment of the podcast series, and, whilst it will not be delivered as hoped this weekend (due to a visit by his dear old mum!) it will at least be ready for you by the middle of next week! Yipee!!

Instead, please watch this - Some great sixties rock fun which was being sung by Dellamorte's day job colleague this morning and has now earwormed him for the rest of the day.

Stay safe kids, and may the universe bring you all your hearts ache for!


Monday, 21 September 2009

Bring a fiend...

Hello blog readers!

I trust you all had excellent and epic (or at least muted but relaxing, or productive and satisfying) weekends. My Friday saw me spending far more time at the excellent Black Plastic than I had anticipated, but I had a lovely time and was very glad I did. It did make preparing for recording Podcast Number Two a little more painful (damn you, God of Hangovers), but, well, sometimes you’ve gotta break a few eggs, right? It has to be said, though, there are going to be a LOT of extra hot tunes competing for space on the next one…. Also Sunday brought a Codex Machine studio session beavering away on a downbeat and slightly mashed tune currently entitled Occam’s Laser. Watch this space!

Anyway, in sadder news, the weekend saw the death of X-Ecutioners member and master turntablist Roc Raida in an extremely unfortunate mixed martial arts accident. Here’s a little tribute to his skillz. RIP Raida.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I made an error...

I mentioned elsewhere on here that I do music production in an outfit called Codex Machine - well, we are currently beavering away on an album due for completion before Christmas.

This below is a little taster for you. The picture contains a difficult clue as to one of the sample sources. ssh!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Black Plastic For The Win

Stuck for something to do next Friday? In the London area? I'll be going to this - You should too!
Big ups to my gurls Jo Cliche & Suicide Ally!

RIP Keith

So it was with a very heavy heart that I learned of the passing of a childhood hero this morning - a man with a passion for life, food, travel and, naturally a drink or two, who was truly infectious in his enthusiasm and blessed with charm to spare.

Monday, 14 September 2009

A Thousand Cards To Play

It says it's Randy Crawford, but I'd say it was The Crusaders.

Shouts to Ms Codex.

Podcast Episode One - Dance Or Die

Well, a blog's not much use without content, really, is it?

So here's some content in the form of my first Disco Dichotomy podcast. Admittedly it's a mite rough around the edges so far (I haven't recorded an intro tune or 'stings' yet, but these will come) but it's chock full of exciting music new and old and probably deserves a half-hearted shuffle through if nothing else!

Here is the link, and the tracklisting follows below

Disco Dichotomy Podcast episode one - DANCE OR DIE! (September 2009)

1. Guilty Simpson - Stress (Stones Throw)
2. Sway - Little Derek (All City Music)
3. Stratus - Footprints (Eskimo Recordings)
4. Modeselektor - 2000007 [Siriusmo Remix] (BPitch Control)
5. Global Goon - Long Whiney (Rephlex)
6. Family Stand - Ghetto Heaven (Atlantic)
7. Holy Ghost -I Will Come Back (CDR)
8. Mille - Ghost Dancer (CDR)
9. Autokratz - Always More (Kitsune)
10. French Horn Rebellion Vs Database - Beaches & Friends [Hey Champ Mix] (CDR)
11. Cut Copy - Far Away [Damn Arms Mix] (Modular)
12. Shameboy - Rechoque [Alex Gopher Mix] (Sputnik)
13. Phonat - Ghetto Burnin' (MofoHifi)
14. Sepalot - Go Get It [AC Slater Mix] (Compost)
15. Nacey - Lose Your Love (CDR)
16. DJ Barletta - Fire & Gold (CDR)
17. DJ Gero - Savate [Kazey & Bulldog mix] (CDR)
18. Krinik - Plastyk (CDR)
19. Florian Wyle - On The Line [DJ Syskey Mix] (CDR)
20. Cryptonites - Boots Electric (CDR)
21. Deekline & Wizard - Up For The Posse (Against The Grain)
22. Rampage - Loving U Is Easy (Nightshifters)
23. Asher Roth - Lion's Roar (CDR)
24. Border Crossing - Jump Down (Kartel Creative)
25. Michael Jackson - Off The Wall (Epic)
26. Marco Polo & Torae - Hold Up (Duck Down)
27. JVC Force - Strong Island [Blue Mix] (Rhythm Attack)
28. Statik Selektah - Stop, Look & Listen (Brick Records)
29. Bobby Treetop - Wait Til I Get To Know Ya (Goldmine)
30. War - Magic Mountain (Polydor)

Phew! Had a break typing up that tracklist to watch University Challenge. Did pretty well tonight!

Laterz y'all!

It's normal to start somewhere.

Well hello there.

A first post has to consist of something, doesn't it? In this case it consists of me saying hello.

My name is Dellamorte. I've been about for a while now, DJing in various nightspots and doing writing and production work in Codex Machine , as well as a long-running stint on excellent internet radio station iBreaks , but I felt it was time to move on and do something a little different, so, one and all, welcome to my new domain - Pull up a sofa, kick your shoes off, have an apple.

I'll be posting various bits and pieces up here -I'm currently aiming at a fortnightly podcast, plus various other mixes or tunes what me and my group have done so RSS or Atom me up (or whatever you kids do these days) and you can get updates right into your computer! dead clever, innit?

anyways, hope you enjoy the blog

Much Love