Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Triple Dip special - The art of the mix!


So, it’s a been a while since The Triple Dip selection made an appearance – in fact, over the festive season and various upheavals I’ve been struggling a little to keep up with the tide of new and old music battering down my studio door. In my slightly bemused and confused headspace what was been keeping me sane is listening to other people’s mixes – Something I’ve really been getting into in the past few months.

Anyway, I’ve decided to a mix-only special of the Triple Dip, so, without further ado, here are my three favourite mixes of the last month or so.

1. Mensah – Urban Nerds mix

I think it’s pretty difficult to do a dubstep mix that keeps the energy up and keeps your interest going when listening at home, but here’s Mensah stepping up to the (dub) plate with his mix of new stuff, his own productions and a few cheeky edits of big tunes, and this one cheered me up when I was feeling utterly miserable a couple of weeks ago, so enjoy!

Mensah exclusive mix for Urban Nerds X BassLaced NYE 2011 by urbannerdslondon

2. DJ Adam Speechley – Boom Bap Mix

Now this guy is interesting – He has apparently got a shop in Hoylake (Wirral massive represent!) which sells fine wines, trainers and has a recording studio in back! The man is obviously living the dream! As well as this, he is, on the basis of this mix alone, a mighty overlord of hip-hop DJs. This mix is pretty much a best of of 1990’s New York hip-hop, which to my mind is the greatest hip-hop ever made. There are a LOT of tracks on this, highly recommended.


3. The Leisure Hive – Somerset House Mix

And finally here’s something completely different from a good friend of The Dichotomy, a mix which won a competition to soundtrack the ice-skating at London’s Somserset House ice rink (good bloody work!). This is a selection of ridiculously brilliant disco and pop tunes – In fact, some of my favourite records of all time are on here. The Leisure Hive is starting a new night at the Star Of Kings in Kings Cross in a couple of weeks time – lookee here - @theleisurehive on Twitter

So there you go – don’t forget you can check out my own experiments in the mix form over at www.soundcloud.com/dellamorte23 - until then, night all!