Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Triple Dip = BASS EDITION 07.02.12

Hey kids,

It’s time for another edition of Dellamorte’s Triple Dip, I reckon! This is the feature of this here blog in which I pick three tracks or mixes that I’ve been obsessing over recently. Over the last few weeks I’ve been listening to a lot (more than usual!) of recent dubstep and drum & bass. So much good stuff out there – the D&B scene in particular is incredibly strong at the moment (and in fact I am currently working on an epic D&B mix). With this in mind I present you the following!

Zed’s Dead – Hit Me

Zed’s Dead are a duo from Toronto, Canada who have been on my radar for a couple of years now, with some excellent bootleg remixes of The Rolling Stones, Radiohead and, rather wonderfully, The Moody Blues, as well as more recent releases such as the brilliant Rumble In The Jungle/Under Yuh Skirt on the mighty Mad Decent records and the utterly storming Bassmentality with The Killabits. They make a real genre mash-up sound, heavily dubstep influenced but with elements of house, jungle and breakbeat. Their recently released EP is titled Adrenaline and features 4 total killers, this one is my personal favourite, really different sounding tune – I love the old-skool breakbeat and the funk horns which come in at about 3 mins. Boooom!

Rollz – The Music

I mentioned above how strong the d&b scene is at the moment, and here is a good example. Rollz is a producer from London who has been hitting big in the last year or so, and this tune takes elements of the liquid D&B sound which Hospital Records made it’s own, with the new-school trance-influenced rave vibes which have really grabbed my ear of late. Another tune which really does it’s own thing brilliantly.

Oblivion – Drunkstep
And here’s something from the US of A! Minneapolis in fact. The Americans, it seems, really have welcomed dubstep with open arms of late, and that’s no bad thing when we have tunes like this to show for it. Referencing the darker, less dancefloor (although this will SLAY a club) original London sound of dubstep (as opposed to the newer jump-up ‘brostep’/filthstep styles), I can’t get enough of turning the bass to 11 on this one and putting my hood up. FIRE!

Hope you had much fun listening to these – Keep your eyes peeled for a new radio show in a couple of days and hopefully some very exciting news to follow shortly!