Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Hey guys! So those of you who follow me over on my TWITTER may already know this news, but I’m starting a new two hour weekly show over at week – I will be on from 8pm-10pm every Thursday night – and the show is 100% LIVE so feel free to join me in the chatroom or hit me up on Twitter and we can interact! I will be focussing on club music for this show, so I’ll be playing the best in house, breakbeat, dubstep, drum & bass and everything inbetween (with maybe a little bit of more chilled behaviour in the middle), so why not start your weekend off early with me as your party planner? I’ve also reached a bit of a milestone with my show over at SPIRITPLANTS – This weekend will be my 50th show! To celebrate both this and the fact that the good old Queen Of England is having a 60th jubilee this weekend, I’ve put together a ‘jubilee special’ – which is frankly just an excuse to play a load of great music with tenuous royal themes. I’ll catch you over the airwaves, kids!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

So this week's show on Spiritplants is a dubstep special - I put one out last year and it's proven to be one of my more durable efforts. This time I've mostly abandoned the more atmospheric downbeat sounds and gone for something extra hard and nasty (although there are a couple of breathing spaces). The show contains new tracks and remixes by 501, Zed's Dead, The Sonixx, Logistics, Skream, Trolley Snatcha, Excision, Datsik, Tes La Rock, Rusko, Flinch, Bassnectar and Herve so you know how we're rolling with this one. PURE GULLY FILTH. The show will debut over at Spiritplants at 12.45am Saturday night/Sunday morning and be repeated at 12.45pm Sunday lunchtime for those early-to-bed types. Come join me for some heavy heavy vibes don't forget you can download or stream all my previous shows over at The Archives - Just scroll down until you see my name! See you around Della