Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Triple Dip! 01/11/11

Hello one and all and welcome to Dellamorte’s Triple Dip! It’s the first day of November, and whether you’re writing a novel, growing a moustache or just hibernating for the winter and avoiding fireworks I’ve got a handful of tunes you need in your life!

First up is someone I’ve been banging on about for a while now – A chap called Germany Germany, who is a dude from Canada who makes lovely dreamy electronica – He very readily cites The Postal Service as being a massive influence on his website, and, yes, I can see that, and it’s a very good influence to have. Anyway, as you can see, there are some things you can download on his website, so I suggest you do just that. Here’s my favourite track off his album ‘Adventures’ –

Take Your Time by Germany Germany

So? Do you like cut-up jazz and funk beats that make you nod your head and smile like a lunatic? Of COURSE you do! And that’s why you’re going to love the work of Gramatik. The Slovenian hip-hop head has been putting out various projects for a few years but he recently popped up on my radar via his FREE album (well, it’s a pay-what-you-like release, and I reckon he’d appreciate a few quids) on Pretty Lights Music (click link to D/L their entire back catalogue!) This tune, Moar Jive, really jumps out for me, I can see it going down very well in a party, although I have not, as yet, tested this

Gramatik - Moar Jive by Gramatik

Finally, many of you will have heard of Krafty Kuts, one of the funkiest and most skilled DJs ever to have lived. Some of you may have heard of Featurecast also, and this release teams them up and lets them loose on something I really wasn’t expecting – A dubstep re-rub of one of my favourite hip-hop records (It Was A Good Day by Ice Cube). This is great, enjoy (and go buy it!)