Monday, 14 September 2009

It's normal to start somewhere.

Well hello there.

A first post has to consist of something, doesn't it? In this case it consists of me saying hello.

My name is Dellamorte. I've been about for a while now, DJing in various nightspots and doing writing and production work in Codex Machine , as well as a long-running stint on excellent internet radio station iBreaks , but I felt it was time to move on and do something a little different, so, one and all, welcome to my new domain - Pull up a sofa, kick your shoes off, have an apple.

I'll be posting various bits and pieces up here -I'm currently aiming at a fortnightly podcast, plus various other mixes or tunes what me and my group have done so RSS or Atom me up (or whatever you kids do these days) and you can get updates right into your computer! dead clever, innit?

anyways, hope you enjoy the blog

Much Love

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