Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Nude Directions

Hello all!

So, I’ve had a little period of musing, and I’ve decided to have a little bit of a figurative remix. As such, this blog will no longer be focussing solely on my musical efforts and DJ mixes, and will now start to include such things as film reviews and general ponderings and rants (actually, probably not so much of the ranting, but I will endeavour to shout out good causes and campaigns etc). It’s not like I’ll be winding down on the music by any means, but, well, sometimes a man has to express himself in other ways, am I right? Of COURSE I’m right.

So, yeah, watch this space! Stuff coming very very soon.



(PS I was thinking of bashing out a review of The Fighter, which I watched last night, and was very good, but I'm just back from Glastonbury and not ready to go full-on just yet. Glastonbury was fully amaz0r, as expected.)

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