Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Triple Dip Time!

So welcome to Dellamorte’s Triple Dip! I did a similar post a couple of months back, with a few treats old and new which I’ve dug up on my musical travels and which I think you need to hear...I enjoyed doing it so much that I’ve decided to turn it into a semi-regular feature.

First off, here’s a tune from LA-based duo Poolside, who make what they term ‘daytime disco’ (Frankly it’s what I put under the possibly erroneous umbrella of ‘cosmic disco’ myself, which I use to cover a variety of sins). But whatever you wish to call it, what we have here is a slow, shimmering disco cover of Neil Young’s Harvest Moon, which almost tangibly ripples with heat, and it’s bloody gorgeous. Check it.

Poolside - Harvest Moon by Poolside Music

Their website is over at www.poolsidemusic.com

Now here’s an oddity – a super-obscurity from a very well known band...The Animals are quite rightly held up as one of the premier ‘beat’ bands of the sixties – Their extrapolation of American R&B into a hard-living Northern British idiom made for some very powerful pop music indeed. However, towards the late sixties they went through many line-up changes, even (as Eric Burdon & The Animals) embracing US psychedelia (and all it’s trappings). All their work from this period is well worth checking out, but until very recently I was unaware of the album ‘Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted’, which was recorded in 1976, and released in 1977, featuring the original line-up (indeed, billed on the album cover as The Original Animals). Apparently it sold rather well in the Netherlands, but elsewhere was lost amidst the new wave of punk music which was then making the old guard seem passé. A real shame, since this is a great album, with real passion, depth and soul all the way through. Check this cover of Dylan’s Baby Blue out... It’s a song which has been covered a great many times, but this is perhaps now my favourite version.

Lastly, but oh-so-certainly not leastly, my favourite dance artist has a new EP out! (and, be still my trembling fanboy heart, a first LP on the horizon). Fake Blood’s Deep Red EP, is, well, 3 tracks of exactly what we’ve come to expect, actually, and certainly none of the worse for that. In my humble opinion nobody has ever made house music quite like Fake Blood, and despite many imitations, no-one else gets it quite right. Enjoy! And don’t forget to buy it from Juno here!

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