Monday, 5 December 2011


I’ve been a little quiet here recently, I know – Gigs and holidays and work have been conspiring to keep me busy the last month or so, and I’ve fallen behind accordingly in all sorts of ways.

But! A week or so ago my show for Spiritplant’s 8th anniversary weekend went out and was very well received – Basically a mixture of party classics and singalong floorfillers – You can stream or download it (along with all my other shows) over here.

And also, work has begun in earnest on what is fast becoming a seasonal tradition – My top tunes of the year, and accompanying mixes to showcase them. I’m currently halfway through the shortlist, which will be painstaking whittled down to my 50 favourite tracks of 2011, and most of them will be appearing (as last year) in 3 seperate mixes, as long as I can shoehorn them into some kind of order. Exciting times, eh?

Anyway, I’ll hopefully see you very shortly when the results are in.

Take care!


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