Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Hello Faceless Internet!

Well, it’s business as usual in Dellamorte’s Dungeon this week, as I do my mad scientist bit obsessively researching new and old music in my quest to bring you the very best that this life has to offer. There has been some news though – Keep checking back as I’ll be making some announcements about upcoming gigs in the next few weeks, so you can come and see me do my slightly-over-excitable thing in a club environment should you so wish.

For now, though, I’ve got some things to recommend.

I was revisiting Black Sabbath’s Paranoid album last night, basically because it has the song Iron Man on it, and I have spent much of the last couple of days reading Iron Man comics. However, I listened to the whole thing again, and, to my surprise, Track 3, which I always used to skip as a teenager on account of it ‘not being a rocking one’, is actually pretty awesome. In fact, it sounds less like early heavy metal and more like French electronica act Air.

Seriously, have a listen –

Next up is some moombahton – A few people I have spoken to recently have expressed a lack of knowledge of this (fairly) new genre, so here’s the perfect thing to get you up to speed, LA’s Dillon Francis with an hour long introduction to this sound, which can best be described as a mixture of reggaeton and Dutch house (for real!)

Dillon Francis - HARD Summer 2011 Mixtape by HARD hardfest.com

Thirdly is a record I’ve been obsessed with ever since hearing it on the mighty David Rodigan’s Kiss FM show months ago – It’s taken me long enough to track it down (although the version I have has added brass, which I wasn't keen on at first but has since grown on me), but I bloody love this record, it manages to be romantic, nostalgic, positive, forward-looking AND makes me want to dance. Ladies and G’s – PULL UP!



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