Thursday, 6 October 2011

Triple Dip Number 2!

Hello, and welcome to the second edition of Dellamorte’s triple-dip, in which I list three random tunes which have been blowing my tiny mind in the past couple of weeks.

First up is Katy B – everyone likes a bit of Katy B and her dubstep/pop crossover, don’t they? Certainly helps that she seems like a very likeable, normal and down-to-earth young lady. Anyway, I digress! I should be here to talk about the music! Well, first off her tune Lights On (featuring the evergreen Ms Dynamite) was a rather catchy number in its original form, but props to remixer and Minneapolis resident Gigamesh, who gave me something I had no idea that I wanted – a proper old-skool electro (as in ‘New York Street Sounds’ electro) re-rub of it. And it’s awesome – Have a listen!

Katy B - Lights On (Gigamesh Remix) [DL link in info section] by GIGAMESH

Next out of the gate is a remix that’s been around for ages of a tune that’s been around for even longer, but a few weeks ago I heard this dropped at XOYO, and got so over-excited I nearly put my back out. It inspired quite an outbreak of singing along and silly dancing, as well, and it makes me smile every time I hear it – so without further ado, the genius re-edit of Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere by Psychemagik.

Fleetwood Mac Everywhere (Psychemagik Edit) by Psychemagik

Finally, you may or may not have heard either of my Haunt Of Togetherness mixes (listen or download over at my own Soundcloud page), but they both pick a zig-zag path through all kinds of recent rave music, and as such, there’s quite a lot of dubstep involved. Now, there is an awful lot of dubstep around these days, as you may have gathered, and much of it is, frankly, just noise (as my father used to say), so it’s nice to hear a new dubstep tune which has something of the depth and darkness of the earlier days of Skream and Benga – This is one of those tracks.

That’s me out, anyway. See you for another dip in a couple of weeks!

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